Brainstorm — the U.A.E.’s first and only knowledge digest — has been conceived keeping in mind the demand for a factual, unbiased guide to give direction to the world’s future pillars. Our endeavour is to provide correct information on all aspects of career and education.

Hence, in an effort to address the needs of a young, energetic, enthusiastic generation, Brainstorm aims at branding itself as a friend, philosopher and guide to both students and the academia as a whole.

In fact, bridging the gap between aspirants and the ever-evolving educational hubs, Brainstorm has already received tremendous response to its launch.

With exclusive tie-ups with the Federal Ministry of Education and the Dubai Education Council, Brainstorm boasts of international content, style, design and reach.

Get ready to grab the one-stop shop for a brilliant future!

An international quality, informative, magazine, Brainstorm focuses on providing positive information to inspire and uplift Generation Next.

The basic difference between Brainstorm and other career-related magazines is that our stories are thoroughly researched, wholesome, credible, factual and unbiased.

As an independent magazine we will not promote any associations or agendas, but rather concentrate on providing quality news and information for students and educators.

Our USP lies in the fact that no Press Releases will ever be used as “stories,” and that if at all there’s a need to oblige them as “marketing requests”, we will ensure that the line “This is an advertising feature” goes with the piece.

Hence, we can boast of the fact that all our stories will provide correct information on all aspects of career and education, that our readers
will never ever be misled or misguided.


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