Jen Lawrence, Chris Martin dating?

Coldplay singer Chris Martin is dating Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence after his band was hired to write a song for her hit movie franchise
Brainstorm By Roselou Warren
Published on September 6, 2014

He “consciously uncoupled” from wife Gwyneth Paltrow. And now Coldplay singer Chris Martin is dating Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence after his band was hired to write a song for her hit movie franchise. Martin, 37, split with Oscar winner Paltrow in March and is said to have started dating Lawrence in June. “Chris worked on a song for the last Hunger Games movie and that’s how they first met each other,” a source said. Martin wrote the track Atlas for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. “That’s how they met but both were in other relationships at the time so nothing happened,” the source added. “It was only when they met up this summer and were both single that they were able to take it to the next level. They are happy together.”

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