Selena may head to rehab

Selena Gomez’s family wants her to check back into rehab soon because she is stressed out.
Brainstorm By Khushboo Naved Devji
Published on August 1, 2014
Here is another awesome back-to-school  resource. This is basically a graphic from ASCD featuring seven reminders on how to drive motivation. These reminders are quotes from popular thinkers which provide some smart tips on how to ignite learners motivation. Below is a round-up of these 7 reminders.
  • Students pose two fundamental questions that relate to motivation to learn: Does the teacher see me? And how does the teacher see me? ( Carol Ann)
  • Rewards, punishments, incentives, threats, and other external strategies create finishers, not learners. ( Richard Curwin)
  • A key ingredient in fuelling passion to learn is making sure students feel intellectually challenged. ( Stevi Quate and John McDermott)
  • When students are focused on goals that they had a hand in choosing, it brings reading engagement, motivation, and progress t a whole new level.( Jennifer Serravallo)
  • Teachers must adopt the mind-set that there's no such thing as laziness. If a student appears lazy, there's something else going that we can't see. ( Rick Wormeli)
  • When students know there are supports in place to keep them from free-falling into failure, they're much more likely to take risks to deepen their learning. ( Robyn Jackson and Allison Zmuda)
  • We think control is going to make something better. But people have only two reactions to control: They comply, or they defy. ( Daniel Pink)

Selena Gomez’s family wants her to check back into rehab soon because she is stressed out. The Come And Get It hitmaker, who secretly spent two weeks at the Dawn at the Meadows treatment facility in Arizona in January, is dealing with a lot of stress. “Family and friends are stressing to Selena that she should enter rehab,” a source said.

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