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Indira Kasaeva explores education in the land of the kangaroos and tells you why you should jump for it
Brainstorm By Indira Kasaeva
Published on February 21, 2015

English-speaking international students rated Australia as the top third destination for education after the UK and the US.  The land of the kangaroo is chosen for friendly natives, cultural diversity and high standards of education. There are numerous reasons to choose Australia as your future education destination; it is the home to seven out the world’s 100 top universities; offers 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions; and the Australian government invests $ 200,000,000 (Dh734, 600,019) in scholarships for international students, while its universities are featured in rankings of the top 50 universities in the world. Almost every university has grants and scholarships for international students. Plus, compared to the US and UK, the high quality education offered in Australia is much more affordable. All this amounts to great things such as high standard of living and inexpensive living costs, as well as top quality education. The Australian government is very strict on maintaining the highest levels in the education system.

The country offers top degrees in the following programs:
* Arts and humanities
* Clinic/pre-clinical and health
* Life sciences
* Physical sciences
* Social sciences
* Engineering and technology
The top 5 ranking universities in Australia based on the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings are the following:
University of Melbourne
The university holds a strong place as the number one in Australia, while being the 34th in the world. Offering both graduate and undergraduate degrees, there is more program variety for a Master’s degree.  There are only nine undergraduate programs which include arts, agriculture, biomedicine, commerce, environment, oral health, music, science and general programs.
Average tuition cost: $30,000 (Dh 110,190)

Australian National University
Constantly ranked among the best universities in the world, ANU offers a wide variety of majors for undergraduate and graduate students. It also offers single, double and research intensive programs.  If you cannot decide on a single program, you have the option to easily earn a double degree, since the flexibility of the courses allows it.
Average tuition cost: $30,000 (Dh 110,190)
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University of Sydney
Founded in 1850, it is Australia’s first and oldest university. The institution offers solid variety of undergraduate courses ranging from advanced engineering to fine arts.
Average tuition cost: $33,000 (Dh 121,209)

University of Queensland
Queensland is in the world’s top 100 universities and is one of Australia’s leading institutions. It has an extensive program list and different campuses. UQ is not only a university, but a home to a state-of-the-art research centre. The university offers around 100 Bachelor degrees, as well as postgraduate programs.
Average tuition cost: $27,000 (Dh 99,171)

University of New South Wales
UNSW is one of the top five universities in Australia and is ranked among the 50 best in the world by QS World University Rankings. A public research institution located in Sydney, it has international standards and global presence as a teaching institution.  The university offers three types of undergraduate degrees; Bachelors, Dual Degree and Combined Degree (like BA of Arts and BA of Law), so it is great opportunity if you want to study two subjects at the same time, however this will take you from four to seven years.
Average tuition cost: $ 29,000 (Dh 106,517)
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Other university in the rankings of the top 10 of best Australia universities:

University of Wollongong
UOW is spread out over nine campuses with state of the art facilities, and offering 471 degrees within different programs.
Average tuition:  $23,000 (Dh84, 479)
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University of Western Australia
The school is another leading university in Australia. There are numerous degrees offered in architecture, landscape and visual arts, business school, education, engineering, computer and mathematics, law, medicine, dentistry and health science. There is also a school of indigenous studies and science.
Average tuition cost: $ 29,000 (Dh 106,517)
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University of Adelaide
The third oldest university in Australia was established in South Australia in 1874. The university has a rich history of high standards in research and teaching. It offers degrees in engineering, mathematics and computer sciences; health; humanities and social sciences as well as others…
Average tuition cost: $28,000 (Dh 102,844)
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Monash University
MU is has good rankings in both the Times Higher Education rankings and QS World University Rankings. In Australia it is named the best university in Pharmacy and Pharmacology, as well as in Communications and Media Studies.
Average tuition cost: $30,000 (Dh 110,190)
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Deakin University
DU has programs in literature and sports beyond the standard programs offered in other universities. With good rankings in the global education system, Deakin is a good option.
Average tuition cost: $23,000 (Dh84, 479)
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