Top UAE scholarships

Higher education is not something you should save money on, but there are options to get a degree without breaking the bank. Indira Kasaeva provides you with solutions
Brainstorm By Indira Kasaeva
Published on February 17, 2015
UAE scholarships

UAE ranks the sixth in the list of most expensive countries for university education. According to an HSBC study, the average cost is around $30,500 (Dhs112,031) per year for college education and living costs. The most crucial asset for young adults, a university education is a heavy burden for the parents. However, it is possible to get a college degree without cracking your parents’ bank accounts. The smartest and most deserving young people have quite a few options to choose from.  Read on for a complete guide on everything from full scholarships to partial tuition waivers offered by the best universities in the country.  Find out what is on offer and how to get a scholarship. If a student has an excellent academic standing in high school, a lot of money can be saved.
The American University in Dubai
AUD is considered as one of the most prestigious universities in the UAE providing American higher education. Over the years the university has accumulated a number of scholarships for both graduate and undergraduate programs. There are seven undergraduate scholarships offered.
For UAE Nationals there are the following scholarships available:
1-Du Community Scholarship
2-Wasl Scholarship
3-DEWA Intilaq Scholarship (only for Electrical or Mechanical Engineering programs)
4-ICT Funds Scholarship (only for computer or electrical engineering)
For US citizens:
5-The William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship
For Arab nationals:
6-The Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Communication Scholarship Program (only for students applying to the Arabic track of BCIS in Digital Production and Storytelling or Journalism)
And finally, a scholarship open for all:
7-H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarship (this scholarship is applicable to any student applying for any program)
Graduate Scholarships at AUD are open only to UAE Nationals and granted only to those with a high academic standing. For more information on eligibility, deadlines and application process,
go to:
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
Masdar is a graduate school aimed at providing research on issues of sustainability. The institute is focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies. All of Masdar’s scholarships are full merit, however there are special terms.
For more details see:
1-Masdar Insitute Scholarship — Masters and Doctorate degree applicants are eligible for a full scholarship upon admission
2-BP Innovation Scholarship – offered for a Master’s degree to one of eight engineering concentrations.
3-The IRENA Scholarship – calls for aspiring Masters students to work in the field of renewable energy and work within the IRENA company.
4-Toyota Scholarship — aimed to stimulate students to work in technology, the scholarship is granted to Masdar’s first year students
5-ICT Fund – this scholarship is for 30 outstanding Emirati students that would want to pursue a career in Information and Communication Technology sector. They can use their scholarship at Masdar to any relating program.
Jumeirah University
JU offers programs only in four areas; education, business, health sciences and Islamic and Arabic studies. However, it is quite generous with its scholarship programs.
1-Al Fursan Scholarship – is a full degree scholarship open to UAE residents with a high school diploma score of 90 per cent. The scholarship is renewed every year so the student should stay on good academic standing.
2-Mujtamaee Scholarship – is granted to UAE residents for one academic year if the student obtained a 75 per cent in their last year of high school.
3-Access Scholarship – a partial scholarship program for underprivileged students granting 25-75 per cent tuition fee waivers, if students hold a 75 per cent score on high school diploma.
4-Academic Achievement Scholarship – a 15 per cent fee waiver granted to JU students for academic excellence.
5-Early Admission Scholarship – a 10 per cent tuition discount for early application
6-Partnership Scholarship – up to 20 per cent discounts for schools that have agreements with JU
For more details visit the website:
The Canadian University in Dubai
In CUD scholarships come in form of discounts, and there is only one scholarship that can go up to a 100 per cent of waved tuition fees.
1-Academic Excellence – is up to 100 per cent fee waiver for students with 3.9 GPA or higher, and a 50 per cent fee waiver for academic standing of 3.85 GPA and higher.
2-Academic Achievement — gives up to 40 per cent discounts for at least a 3.70 GPA, while all students with a high school average of 85 per cent get a 20 per cent waiver.
3-Sports – the student must have at least an 80 per cent high school diploma average, a recommendation from the school coach as well as awards and certificates proving that he/she excels in the chosen sport. This program gives a 40 per cent tuition waver.
4-Financial aid – this program is developed to support students that have limited funds for education. The high school average should be 75 per cent and a list of documents should be presented. If granted, the fee waiver is 40 per cent.
5-Students with special needs are also entitled to a 40 per cent fee waiver.
For a more detailed plan visit:
Amity University
AU is one out of the few universities that offer up to 100 per cent scholarships based on academic merit. The university has three types of scholarships; a full scholarship, a 50 per cent scholarship and a 25 per cent scholarship. The following are granted to entry students with high academic standards upon entry to university; the more the per cent of scholarship the higher academic aggregate in the high school diploma is required. For example, a full scholarship requests a 93 per cent aggregate, while a 25 per cent scholarship demands an 80 per cent.
For more details on credibility and how to apply go to:
University of Wollongong in Dubai
UOWD offers three types of undergraduate scholarships that are based on outstanding academic excellence.
The three categories of the scholarships are based on the percentages.
1-50 per cent scholarship — around 98 per cent academic standing depending on curriculum
2-25 per cent scholarship – here the percentage is 95 per cent
3-15 per cent scholarship – to get a 15 percent off your tuition your high school average should be not less than 90 per cent
For more info visit:
To keep your scholarship you must retain your good academic standards and a high GPA.
New York University Abu Dhabi
One of the best and well-known universities in the world, NYU’s Abu Dhabi branch offers financial aid to every student that is admitted.  The toughest part is getting in. The competition is very high with students applying from all over the world. NYU AD does not have a standard scholarship program, however if the students gets admitted, a financial aid program is specifically tailored for the candidate. To apply you have to fill out the Financial Aid Profile Application.
For details and the application process visit:
American University of Sharjah
There are several financial grants that the college offers. Every student admitted to AUS is eligible to apply for a financial aid. The Merit Scholarship is a 10 per cent tuition discount if you have an average of 95 per cent in the last year of high school. A chance to get a full scholarship is also available. The Chancellor’s Scholars Award ranges from 75 to 100 per cent in tuitions, to get the scholarship a student must have at least a 95 per cent high school average and must submit a set of documents showcasing community service, leadership skills, special honours and awards.  The university also has family tuition grants which give a 25 per cent grant to siblings of already enrolled students.
Middlesex University
The institution has 13 financial outreach programs over a wide variety of options from special benefits to full tuition waivers. A complete 100 per cent free tuition option is the Academic Excellence Scholarship granted to 10 freshmen every autumn for the full duration of their program. The scholarship offers from 20 per cent to a 100 per cent free tuition. Other programs offered by the university are:
1-Distinguished High School Programme – International Schools
2-School Outreach Programme
3-Rise up Grants
4-Middlesex United Sports Scholarships
5-Global Excellence Scholarships
6-Middlesex Graduate Awards
7-Middlesex Progress Scholarship (IFP Students)
8-Middlesex Elite Scholarships (Current Students)
9-‘Loyal to Middlesex’ Grants
10-Distinguished APTECH-Nigeria Graduate Scholarships
11-Distinguished EDEXCEL Graduate Grants
12-Staff and Family Members Tuition Fee Support
To check which ones you can qualify for visit:
Murdoch University
There are three categories of financial help in Murdoch; the Academic Excellence Scholarship, Early Decision Award and other scholarships. The institution has numerous grants available to incoming undergraduate students, so there is an option for discounts if you can qualify for the grants.  The Academic Excellence Grant is 25 per cent off from the total tuition cost. There are no full scholarship options available, however you can easily find a grant that will provide you with a 5-10 per cent discount. For example there is the Special Support Grant that offers from 10 to 25 per cent off the total tuition cost, or the Murdoch Athletic Sports Award which offers athletes a tuition waiver.
The website for all the options is:
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi
The French institution only partially assists students with education and housing. The offer for undergraduate students is a 25 per cent reduction on tuition costs and housing assistance from 20 per cent to 80 per cent. The financial aid is given purely on academic excellence. The aid might be increased if the student continues to achieve high academic results, decreased for poor performance and cancelled completely. Those applying for aid should fill out the required application and submit the supporting documents.
For application and requirement details visit :


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